Homeopathic Cancer Treatment Can Prove More Effective Than Cancer Surgery

With all the invasive and potentially lethal conventional  treatments out there it makes sense to look at non-invasive regimes like  homeopathic cancer treatment. Conventional health care practitioners are not going to tell you about it, however, there are many homeopathic cancer treatment methods available, including those that can be used alongside conventional treatments.

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Terminal Pain

Homeopathic cancer treatment may also be effective in treating those with terminal pain and who are concerned that they will die soon as a result of their cancer. Interestingly homeopathy was in existence before the rather simplistic “if all else fails, cut it out” philosophy was developed. Homeopaths developed several methods of treating cancer, some were effective some were not. Unfortunately, these days, homeopathy and other alternative treatments are only used as a last resort and are often too late for any form of treatment.

How successful homeopathic cancer treatment is going to be in the end depend on how accurately the manifestations of cancer have been diagnosed. An accurate diagnosis will help the homeopath to prescribe the best treatments. Usually homeopaths regard cancer as  both a disease and a disturbance to natural forces and so therefore there must be some cause for such an ailment. The homeopathic approach is to treat the cause, so it needs to be identified before a  homeopathic treatment can be prescribed.

Another factor that should be noted is that cancer surgery is not necessarily more effective than homeopathic cancer treatment simply because removing the  cancerous part does not always make the cancer disappear. It could turn up somewhere else worse than before. However, homeopathy may be able to have a reason as to why cancer could have spread and can be an alternative to cancer surgery and other allopathic regimes. Homeopathy can also be useful in coping with the psychological problems that come with cancer.

Some of the remedies that are used in homeopathy cancer treatment include, arsenicum, conium, hydrasis, carcinosin, phosphorous and asterias as well as cadmiums and lycopodium. If you are diagnosed with cancer speak to a homeopathic practitioner before embarking on the conventional medical options. This will give you a bigger picture and maybe some more options.


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