How I Came to Love My Chiropractor

Back in the seventies when I was younger I used to think of alternative medicine as being a bit suspect, a bit weird. In those days a chiropractor was also considered to be very fringe medicine.
Now, I don’t actually remember how it happened but one day I was aware of a great deal of pain in my right hand. It was so bad that I had trouble driving or writing, but the most serious and devastating consequence of my problem was that I couldn’t hold a glass of beer! I had to use my left hand. (You’ll be pleased to know that I developed this skill very quickly!)

I put up with the pain for a while until one day when I was in the swimming pool I overbalanced slightly and put my right hand out to steady myself. Bad move. The pain was terrible. The thought of seeing a chiropractor didn’t even cross my mind so I took myself off to the local GP. He examined my arm and my wrist and declared that he couldn’t see anything wrong. He did, however, send me for an X Ray. Several days later I hadn’t heard anything so I phoned the surgery to find out what was going on. I was told that the doctor had examined the X Rays and could see nothing wrong. “So why does it hurt?” I asked. No answer. That piece of information wasn’t included on the X Ray chart.

A friend of mine was doing some work for a chiropractor at the time and suggested that I go and see him. Ordinarily I probably would have resisted the idea of a chiropractor but the pain was very intrusive and more importantly I prefer drinking with my right hand. It sort of feels more comfortable.

Now all I knew about chiropractors was that they cracked bones which concerned me slightly. My concern turned to trepidation when I meet the chiropractor who was called John, six foot two tall and built like a wrestler. I felt sure that I was going to be dismembered.

He turned out to be the gentlest most caring person I had ever met. He examined my wrist, grunted a few times and proceeded to manipulate a row of bones across my wrist. He fixed the problem which turned out to be some misplaced bones. I celebrated in the nearest bar using my right hand.

After that I went to see my new found friend, the chiropractor, often, for a ‘grease and oil change’ as he put it. It is quite amazing how much better you feel when all the bones are properly adjusted. On numerous occasions I have entered his surgery doubled over with back pain, caused by me doing something stupid, and walk out pain free with a skip in my walk.

I now thoroughly recommend that everybody pays regular visits to their local chiropractor for regular adjustments, or a ‘grease and oil change’ as John used to call it.

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List Of Homeopathic Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis On Holistic Online

When it comes to the most common illnesses or health problems that have been plaguing especially those who are older or senior citizens, it is rheumatoid arthritis that leads them to have aching joints that hinder them to enjoy their day-to-day activities. And since there are also different kinds of treatments that can be prescribed by their doctor, many people also resort to the alternative medicine, especially homeopathy when it comes to treating their rheumatoid arthritis.

And even though alternative medicine and homeopathy has faced a lot of controversies, there are still many people who believe in their healing power and that is why more and more people who may be suffering from rheumatoid arthritis will ask the help of a homeopathic expert when it comes to the homeopathic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. Here are some of the most popular lists of homeopathic treatments for rheumatoid arthritis that are popularly known to give relief and help those people who are suffering from it. Be sure to ask your doctors which treatment that you think will be best for you.

List Of Treatments

If you are interested to know which type of homeopathic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis to use, there is only one website that you can rely on to give you the full list of them and that is the Holistic Online. This one of a kind website is dedicated to educating a lot of people, whether they may be professionals in the field of alternative medicine or for those who are looking for homeopathic treatments and remedies that will give relief to different kinds of remedies.

Among those homeopathic treatments for rheumatoid arthritis that you can see on the website of Holistic Online is the arnica, bryonia, dulcamara, kali bichromicum, calcarea fluorica, rhododendron, pulsatilla, and a whole lot more. These organic and natural plants and elements are known to give instant pain relief and treat certain swelling that are experienced by those people who have rheumatoid arthritis. Not only that, another great thing about this website is that they also can give you all the information that you need to know about the elements and plants that are listed for you to understand the effects they can each bring to your body.

So if you are interested in knowing more about homeopathic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, the Holistic Online is the best website that you can refer to. Visit them now at their official website at and start knowing more about the wonders of alternative medicine and homeopathy.


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Homeopathic Software Offers Educational Training

The study of homeopathy is largely done on an individual basis, although some institutions provide basic courses in its study as part of other alternative medicine techniques. Many wishing to begin learning about this form of medicine can use homeopathic software to learn about the types of ingredients used to mix their own remedies and on which ailments they provide a cure. Since offerings of homeopathic studies were discontinued in the mid-1940`s, finding a quality source for strict study of the practice is limited and homeopathic software can offer the details many programs lack.

There are numerous resources providing information about how different dilutions work on different ailments, some homeopathic software also offer instructions on how to mix the different dilutions to treat a variety of ailments at the same time. The basic philosophy of homeopathic medicine is to treat any ailment as a failure in one or more body systems and not as an outside invader into the body. By treating the symptoms to bring the bodily system back into harmony with the rest of the systems, specific products will be used and which ones can be learned by using homeopathic software.

Many ingredients can be used to mix dilutions for different ailments, and homeopathic software offers the latest studies showing which ones can be used to make different dilutions for different reasons. The starting point of all homeopathic remedies is the quantity of each of the ingredients used, while the succession process will remain the same.

Using Overall Symptoms To Create Treatment

In creating treatment dilutions for many different ailments, especially chronic ailments such as arthritis, it is usually recommended that the father dilution is created with a sufficient quantity to last the duration of the treatment. With homeopathic software the amount of each ingredient needed to make varying quantities can quickly be calculated using the latest homeopathic software.

With many forms of homeopathic medicine, there are different disciplines developed by different homeopathic physicians. Some of the best homeopathic software programs include the different forms of homeopathic treatments developed through different studies and research. It is up to the individual user to determine which discipline will provide the quickest and most reliable cure.

In most cases, the homeopathic software will help with the decision on whether or not to use alcohol as a preservative. With short-term cures distilled water may serve the purpose well, but for those meant to last an extended period of time, the homeopathic software directions will usually dictate that alcohol be used.


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Finding Anxiety Depression Homeopathy Cures To Help

For many people suffering anxiety or depression, it may seem like nothing will offer help except for the doctor-prescribed drugs and possibly intervention by a mental health professional. However for those with anxiety depression homeopathy can offer some effective and safe cures, without many of the side effects that can cause additional problems for the patient.

Every person is different and suffers for a variety of reasons. Therefore, in modern medicine as well as alternative medical practices, there is no one-size fits all type of drug. As a result, anxiety depression homeopathy treatments will be varied based on the root cause of the problem. Anxiety and depression can be caused by everything from childbirth to the loss of a loved one. It can be short-lived or long lasting and there is no set timeline as to how soon after an event that the symptoms will begin to appear.

In some cases, time is a relevant factor in a person overcoming their depression or anxiety, but for many others medicinal intervention may be required. In order to find the correct anxiety depression homeopathy for an individual, it must first be determined what caused the anxiety. Most of the time, a simple cure can be developed by a homeopathic professional requiring only one or two doses to return the body`s vital force to the proper balance. With traditional medications, the symptoms may be suppressed, but the underlying cause will remain.

Safe, Effective Alternative To Prescription Drugs

Most people have heard of the many natural products to help with depression and anxiety, such as St. John`s Wort and it has proven effective for many people. However, some folks do not want to be tied to a bottle of pills, even natural ones and will seek an anxiety depression homeopathy treatment that requires less time to affect relief. Seeking a long-lasting solution to a problem is welcomed by more people that creating a long-lasting solution to what should be a short-term problem.

The idea of using anxiety depression homeopathy treatments in more attractive to some people who shy away from the use of chemical drugs due to the potentially dangerous side effects. The fact that all the ingredients in anxiety depression homeopathy cures are safe from side effects and cause no problems from accidental overdoses, adds to the appeal of these alternative solutions.

Additionally with quality information about anxiety depression homeopathy treatments, a person can usually find the ingredients around the house and create their own dilutions without the high cost of prescription drugs.


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