How I Came to Love My Chiropractor

Back in the seventies when I was younger I used to think of alternative medicine as being a bit suspect, a bit weird. In those days a chiropractor was also considered to be very fringe medicine.
Now, I don’t actually remember how it happened but one day I was aware of a great deal of pain in my right hand. It was so bad that I had trouble driving or writing, but the most serious and devastating consequence of my problem was that I couldn’t hold a glass of beer! I had to use my left hand. (You’ll be pleased to know that I developed this skill very quickly!)

I put up with the pain for a while until one day when I was in the swimming pool I overbalanced slightly and put my right hand out to steady myself. Bad move. The pain was terrible. The thought of seeing a chiropractor didn’t even cross my mind so I took myself off to the local GP. He examined my arm and my wrist and declared that he couldn’t see anything wrong. He did, however, send me for an X Ray. Several days later I hadn’t heard anything so I phoned the surgery to find out what was going on. I was told that the doctor had examined the X Rays and could see nothing wrong. “So why does it hurt?” I asked. No answer. That piece of information wasn’t included on the X Ray chart.

A friend of mine was doing some work for a chiropractor at the time and suggested that I go and see him. Ordinarily I probably would have resisted the idea of a chiropractor but the pain was very intrusive and more importantly I prefer drinking with my right hand. It sort of feels more comfortable.

Now all I knew about chiropractors was that they cracked bones which concerned me slightly. My concern turned to trepidation when I meet the chiropractor who was called John, six foot two tall and built like a wrestler. I felt sure that I was going to be dismembered.

He turned out to be the gentlest most caring person I had ever met. He examined my wrist, grunted a few times and proceeded to manipulate a row of bones across my wrist. He fixed the problem which turned out to be some misplaced bones. I celebrated in the nearest bar using my right hand.

After that I went to see my new found friend, the chiropractor, often, for a ‘grease and oil change’ as he put it. It is quite amazing how much better you feel when all the bones are properly adjusted. On numerous occasions I have entered his surgery doubled over with back pain, caused by me doing something stupid, and walk out pain free with a skip in my walk.

I now thoroughly recommend that everybody pays regular visits to their local chiropractor for regular adjustments, or a ‘grease and oil change’ as John used to call it.

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Information on Health Alternative Homeopathy Publications

There are lots of different health alternative homeopathy publications out there that you can use to your advantage if you are interested in the field of homeopathy but, as with almost anything else, there are a few in particular which are especially worthwhile and which you are definitely going to want to check out first here before any others.

What is Homeopathy?

Before you can really understand the purpose of the different health alternative homeopathy publications, you first really need to understand about the subject of homeopathy in general. It is basically a medical specialty that is based on particular known and application of medicines, that which is contained in the U.S. FDA-recognized Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

In other words, it is a sort of alternative form of medicine, one which uses methods that are applied on the basis of empiric law and in all homeopathic practice, the assistance of homeostasis, rather than its opposition, is believed to result in making the subject healthier overall, as well as much more able to resist illness in general.

Your Options

When it comes to available health alternative homeopathy publications, one of the best available is the American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine, which is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that is renowned all across the world. It is specifically intended to meet the particular needs of physicians involved in the specialty of homeopathy, and the editor of the journal is always inviting manuscripts, feature articles, and research reports from writers around the world.

They are definitely one of the most popular health alternative homeopathy publications in the world, and one of the most widely used.

Another of the most popular health alternative homeopathy publications is by the Homeolinks Publishers. This company was created and is still run by a man named Harry van der Zee, who actually specialized in classical homeopathy at the Foundation for Homeopathic Education for Doctors in the Netherlands from 1987-1990, and thus offers an incredibly vast knowledge on the matter.

He has been practicing in the field of homeopathy for several decades now, and has produced a variety of different homeopathic-related publications, and as well since 2004 has been actively involved with Peter Chappell and his projects for treating AIDS and other epidemics.

Whether you are doing research or deciding to start up your own homeopathy publication, it is important to take a look at these and other major offerings of the like in order to get an idea of what is out there.


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What Qualities Good Homeopathic Doctors Should Possess

The time to hesitate is over and if you want to break free from allopathic treatment and want to try out alternative medical treatments, you should check out holistic approaches and homeopathy and homeopathic doctors are a good starting point whereby you can find remedies that will help to heal the whole self instead of just particular body parts. In fact, there are many people who are interested in being treated by homeopathic doctors and who actually shun the prescription based drug treatment methods.

Well Known Clientele

There are even some homeopathic doctors who are so well known and well qualified that they have clients that are rich and famous and which include such notable personalities such as the Duchess of York and Sting as also the late George Harrison. In fact, the better known homeopathic doctors are wanted all over the world and it should not surprise you to learn that these homeopathic doctors are seen jetting all around the world providing succor to many patients in different countries in the world.

The popularity of homeopathy is growing and there is even a need to create international standard facilities wherein homeopathic doctors can practice their homeopathy with the very best of facilities. And, such facilities are sure to be excellent examples of how homeopathy can provide a natural cure to many ailments and which homeopathic doctors will use to treat patients having various kinds of ailments.

Another essential prerequisite of a good homeopathic doctor is that he or she should be honest and caring and his or her integrity should be of the highest order since the best healing is only possible if the level of care is high and practiced with honesty and integrity.

In countries such as India where homeopathy is much sought after, there are many homeopathic doctors that have provided good care to patients and who have even started out as obscure doctors from remote and small villages in rural India only to gain fame and fortune and gone on to become well known doctors in their own right.

It is also necessary for homeopathic doctors to practice homeopathy with an open mind towards other branches of medicine since the ultimate goal of a doctor is to provide welfare to the patient, and a doctor must do everything within his or her power to begin a process of healing even if it means departing from homeopathy and using other means. This is especially noticeable in cardiac and also cancer cases, where it does become necessary for homeopathic doctors to consult with their allopathic counterparts.


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Using Homeopathy And Knee Problems Can Be Reduced

Many people as they grow older may suffer from arthritis, although age is not the only predicator of this painful problem. An injury to a joint can manifest itself into arthritis and some diseases can east away at the protective joint cartilage, causing bone-to-bone pain associated with arthritis. Many use pain relief found through the use of homeopathy and knee problems are some of the areas it is trying to fight.

Similar to the statement that there is no effective cure for death, when the cartilage in the joints is gone, there is usually no prescribed treatment that can bring it back. However, if the degenerative cause of arthritis is caught in time, and treatment begins early it can slow, and sometime stop the process, significantly lengthening the time for the process to claim all of the cartilage tissues. Studying homeopathy and knee problem associated with arthritis, finding the cure for knee problems can be a matter of time.

Essentially, studies have shown that many natural products can help provide the lubrication necessary for continued relief through homeopathy and knee problem therapies can be successful if treating the arthritis and not only the pain, which is a symptom of the disease.

Theory Is To Treat The Disease, Not The Symptoms

When many patients walk into their doctor`s office with arthritis pain, they hope for only one thing, and that is pain relief. As time goes on and the disease causes continued degeneration in the cartilage, more pain relief will be needed. Studying homeopathy and knee problem pain, it has been learned that to effectively treat the pain, the arthritis musty be treated, stopping the degeneration process.

Using Rhus toxicodendron in a homeopathic preparation, many patients suffering from arthritis showed improvement. While the pain associated with arthritis was partially alleviated by using homeopathic treatments for inflammation, the worsening of the disease was slowed considerably. The controlled study used a double-blind clinical with a placebo group to determine how homeopathy and knee problem treatments could relieve the pain.

Problems with knees is a growing concern as baby boomers are rapidly reaching the age at which it usually becomes a problem. With continued studies in traditional medications as well as homeopathy and knee problem cures, relief may be better today than ever before in the past. While finding the exact cause of arthritis is still under study, individual causes can be treated with individualized treatments in homeopathy.


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