How I Came to Love My Chiropractor

Back in the seventies when I was younger I used to think of alternative medicine as being a bit suspect, a bit weird. In those days a chiropractor was also considered to be very fringe medicine.
Now, I don’t actually remember how it happened but one day I was aware of a great deal of pain in my right hand. It was so bad that I had trouble driving or writing, but the most serious and devastating consequence of my problem was that I couldn’t hold a glass of beer! I had to use my left hand. (You’ll be pleased to know that I developed this skill very quickly!)

I put up with the pain for a while until one day when I was in the swimming pool I overbalanced slightly and put my right hand out to steady myself. Bad move. The pain was terrible. The thought of seeing a chiropractor didn’t even cross my mind so I took myself off to the local GP. He examined my arm and my wrist and declared that he couldn’t see anything wrong. He did, however, send me for an X Ray. Several days later I hadn’t heard anything so I phoned the surgery to find out what was going on. I was told that the doctor had examined the X Rays and could see nothing wrong. “So why does it hurt?” I asked. No answer. That piece of information wasn’t included on the X Ray chart.

A friend of mine was doing some work for a chiropractor at the time and suggested that I go and see him. Ordinarily I probably would have resisted the idea of a chiropractor but the pain was very intrusive and more importantly I prefer drinking with my right hand. It sort of feels more comfortable.

Now all I knew about chiropractors was that they cracked bones which concerned me slightly. My concern turned to trepidation when I meet the chiropractor who was called John, six foot two tall and built like a wrestler. I felt sure that I was going to be dismembered.

He turned out to be the gentlest most caring person I had ever met. He examined my wrist, grunted a few times and proceeded to manipulate a row of bones across my wrist. He fixed the problem which turned out to be some misplaced bones. I celebrated in the nearest bar using my right hand.

After that I went to see my new found friend, the chiropractor, often, for a ‘grease and oil change’ as he put it. It is quite amazing how much better you feel when all the bones are properly adjusted. On numerous occasions I have entered his surgery doubled over with back pain, caused by me doing something stupid, and walk out pain free with a skip in my walk.

I now thoroughly recommend that everybody pays regular visits to their local chiropractor for regular adjustments, or a ‘grease and oil change’ as John used to call it.

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Proven Homeopathic Remedies Escape Rigorous Protocols

There is a huge difference in the way testing is done for traditional medications in the world of modern medicine and that done in proven homeopathic remedies, in that to prove a homeopathic remedy will work, it first must be established that the substance used causes the same symptoms the sure is meant to fight. Traditional medications must go through clinical trials, beginning with a sort list of subjects and the proceed to second and third controlled trials before they can hope to achieve approval by the Food and Drug Administration.

Modern medicine determines through science and biology which chemicals may be effective against certain health issues resulting from viruses or bacteria and then works to create a drug to fight it. With proven homeopathic remedies, once a substance is found to cause the symptoms in health humans, it is said to have proven to be an effective cure for the disease. The belief that like cures like is basis for this philosophy and has been used for over 200 years in finding proven homeopathic remedies for a multitude of ailments.

Due to the fact that proven homeopathic remedies contain natural ingredients, their compounding and dosage limits are not judged or controlled by the FDA, only that the ingredients compounded in the proven homeopathic remedies do not pose a health risk to the general public.

Dilution Methods Help Maintain Safety

Every proven homeopathic remedies uses substances that will cause the symptoms of the illness it aims to fight in healthy volunteers. Once they have established a substance will cause an ailment, the substance is then diluted up to about a 100 to 1 ratio, offering an effective cure for the disease. Even with mercury as an ingredient, a substance known to cause major health problems for healthy people, after FDA testing of the finished dilution found the mercury content to be insignificant to pose any type of health risk.

It is not only the method used to develop proven homeopathic remedies that causes traditional physicians to shun the use of homeopathic medicine. The idea of mixing ingredients with water and through a process called succession that the benefits of the ingredient become part of the water without actually being taken by the patient also causes concern over the use of proven homeopathic remedies.

Patients that have used proven homeopathic remedies and found all signs of previous ailments to be gone are difficult to impress with biology and scientific proof that the cures cannot work. Their belief in the practice is based solidly on the results they achieved.


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Treat Your Hypothyroidism The Homeopathic Way

Since its discovery and launch to the public, the issues with regards to alternative medicine such as homeopathy has stirred so much controversy but still, we can see that throughout the years, many people still believe in the healing power of its methods. And since then, there have been many kinds of illnesses or diseases that have been treated using the treatments of homeopathy and have helped a lot of people around the globe.

And for most women, one of the most common illnesses that we know is the hypothyroidism that can be caused by hormonal imbalance. And right now, among those popular treatments that are popularly advised by other health care professionals is a homeopathic treatment for hypothyroidism. Here some of the things that you should know when it comes to treating your hypothyroidism with the help of homeopathic treatments that guarantee to deliver the results that you want and make you healthy once again in no time.

Treatments For Women

It usually depends on the woman`s health issues, the type of hypothyroidism that she has and the severity of it. But we are lucky that there are now many people who are attesting that they were healed with the latest homeopathic treatments for hypothyroidism, which may lead us to finally try to resort to this type of medical method. There are excellent proven remedies that are used in homeopathy when it comes to giving cure and managing hypothyroidism.

These methods that are used in homeopathy in treatment for hypothyroidism are prepared from a wide range of substances such as vegetables, herbs, minerals, chemicals and animal products in extremely minute doses. And then, if the time comes that the patient is ready to use the homeopathy treatment for hypothyroidism, the remedy will be selected based on all the symptoms of the patient including physical, mental and emotional states, and family history of the patient. If you are skeptical, be assured that homeopathic remedies are known to be safe and effective, stimulating the body`s own immune system that can offer a long lasting cure rather than having a temporary relief.

If you will like to know more about homeopathy and its treatments for hypothyroidism, you can log on to the website of Dr. Madhavi at and be educated with the other methods and treatments that the homeopathy cures. Visit them now and be amazed of all the wonderful learning and other illnesses that homeopathy cures and relieves.


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Learning About Homeopathic Antibiotics

Homeopathy is basically a different sort of medicine, one in which it is believed that disease can only actually be cured by giving the patient involved minute amounts of a substance that can induce similar symptoms to the actual disease itself. Homeopathic antibiotics then are homeopathic forms of antibiotic treatment that work by inhibiting bacterial growth thereby giving the infected individual`s immune defenses some sort of a chance.

Most commercial antibiotics have been chemically altered in at least some sort of way, with the basic purpose of this being to attempt to improve their potency or to at least increase the range of species that they affect.


There are many benefits that are offered by these homeopathic antibiotics, and namely they offer an alternative method of treatment for those people who are looking for an option other than the more conventional prescription medications that are so often given out today. Homeopathic treatment works with your body`s own natural healing powers, and as a patient you are treated as an individual rather than as a collection of disease labels.

Homeopathy works by looking at and considering everything that is going on in a patient`s life rather than just what is given as obvious, and the natural remedies included in homeopathic antibiotics are made from plants, minerals and natural substances.

When Not to Use Homeopathic Antibiotics

There are certain cases however in which you should not use homeopathic antibiotics, and for instance most colds and flu viruses are caused by viruses which are not able to be killed by antibiotics. As well, when it comes to certain groups of people, namely the elderly, they have weakened immune systems and need antibiotics, but in most cases there will have to be other methods of treatment involved as well.

Homeopathic antibiotics are usually extremely effective with people who have chronic diseases, and this can include anything from long-term physical or emotional problems, to those illnesses that are recurrent and return time and time again.

There are also the circumstances in which homeopathic antibiotics are not enough and when more conventional methods thus need to be put into place. This will basically have to be determined by your doctor, who will only be able to determine this after a proper diagnosis and assessment. Make sure that you work closely with your doctor during this time so that they can keep a close watch on your condition and make sure that the treatment is making positive results.


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