How I Came to Love My Chiropractor

Back in the seventies when I was younger I used to think of alternative medicine as being a bit suspect, a bit weird. In those days a chiropractor was also considered to be very fringe medicine.
Now, I don’t actually remember how it happened but one day I was aware of a great deal of pain in my right hand. It was so bad that I had trouble driving or writing, but the most serious and devastating consequence of my problem was that I couldn’t hold a glass of beer! I had to use my left hand. (You’ll be pleased to know that I developed this skill very quickly!)

I put up with the pain for a while until one day when I was in the swimming pool I overbalanced slightly and put my right hand out to steady myself. Bad move. The pain was terrible. The thought of seeing a chiropractor didn’t even cross my mind so I took myself off to the local GP. He examined my arm and my wrist and declared that he couldn’t see anything wrong. He did, however, send me for an X Ray. Several days later I hadn’t heard anything so I phoned the surgery to find out what was going on. I was told that the doctor had examined the X Rays and could see nothing wrong. “So why does it hurt?” I asked. No answer. That piece of information wasn’t included on the X Ray chart.

A friend of mine was doing some work for a chiropractor at the time and suggested that I go and see him. Ordinarily I probably would have resisted the idea of a chiropractor but the pain was very intrusive and more importantly I prefer drinking with my right hand. It sort of feels more comfortable.

Now all I knew about chiropractors was that they cracked bones which concerned me slightly. My concern turned to trepidation when I meet the chiropractor who was called John, six foot two tall and built like a wrestler. I felt sure that I was going to be dismembered.

He turned out to be the gentlest most caring person I had ever met. He examined my wrist, grunted a few times and proceeded to manipulate a row of bones across my wrist. He fixed the problem which turned out to be some misplaced bones. I celebrated in the nearest bar using my right hand.

After that I went to see my new found friend, the chiropractor, often, for a ‘grease and oil change’ as he put it. It is quite amazing how much better you feel when all the bones are properly adjusted. On numerous occasions I have entered his surgery doubled over with back pain, caused by me doing something stupid, and walk out pain free with a skip in my walk.

I now thoroughly recommend that everybody pays regular visits to their local chiropractor for regular adjustments, or a ‘grease and oil change’ as John used to call it.

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Information on the Placebo Effects of Homeopathy

When it comes to a matter such as the placebo effects of homeopathy, there are many issues that you need to take into consideration. Before you can understand this you need to learn about what placebo is and what is involved here. Placebo effect is the term that is given to the therapeutical and healing effects of inert medicines and ritualistic or faith healing manipulations.

They are also often known as the non-specific effects of subject-expectancy effects, and some people often tend to consider this as being a sort of illusion that arises from the way that medical experiments are conducted.

More specifically the placebo effect is considered as taking place when a patient takes an inert substance in conjunction with any specific suggestion from an authority figure. It is this authority figure which believes that the placebo effect is going to work with the homeopathic procedures and help the patient to heal.


In order to understand the placebo effects of homeopathy you also must understand what homeopathy in itself is. It is basically a form of medicine which is considered as being alternative in ways, in that it has a different idea of what it required in order for a patient to heal. It is a gentle and holistic system of healing that is considered as being suitable for people of all ages.

Homeopathy basically focuses on the patient as an individual, and takes all of their personal aspects and issues into consideration. It is a therapy that is specifically based on the theory of treating an illness with what is causing it, which is quite unlike any other sort of medicine or treatment out there.

In terms of whether these homeopathic remedies are considered as being safe, because they are diluted to such a degree that not one molecule of the original substance can be detected, you thus know that you do not have to worry when it comes to your safety during this sort of treatment. The placebo effects of homeopathy are considered as being somewhat new, and although all the pros and cons on the matter have certainly not yet been fully weighed out, as of yet they have been very promising and look to only continue to become more promising in the future.

The placebo effect is definitely one issue in homeopathy that needs to be investigated into more in the future and made into a more relevant and understood issue in general.


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Learning About Homeopathy Massage Therapy

Homeopathy is quite a complex medical treatment to understand. It is basically a gentle and holistic sort of system that is used for healing, and which is generally considered as being acceptable for patients of all ages. It is used for a variety of ailments, including arthritis in particular however it is also often used even when there is no ailment or condition to have to deal with, as it can be used solely for cleansing and ritualistic purposes.

Homeopathic Massage Therapy

Homeopathic massage therapy is basically a combination of these homeopathic techniques mixed in with the aptly recognized massage therapy techniques, which are a combination of science and art, and which work by providing a relaxing experience by using artistic hand strokes on the body in order to rejuvenate the mind and body and eliminate stress scientifically.

The practice of massage therapy is one which has its roots deeply engrained in the ancient Chinese, Greek, Roman, Indian and Egyptian era, and the traditional Indian system of medicine and massage therapy is actually still quite popular today.

Homeopathic massage therapy is used around the world for a variety of ailments, in particular degenerative arthritis, which is also known as osteoarthritis and which is caused by inflammation, breakdown and eventual loss of the cartilage of the joints. Among the over 100 different types of arthritis conditions that are known of at the present time, degenerative arthritis by far is one of the most common, as well as one of the most devastating.

There are quite a few different forms of treatment that are available for degenerative arthritis, however none have had as positive effect on treating the disease as homeopathy massage therapy. It is believed that the success of this particular form of treatment is largely due to the idea of ‘mind over matter`, and that by using relaxation and soothing techniques the mind is able to calm down and the body follows suit.

If you are presently on any type of medication for your arthritis condition, you should never decide on your own to switch all of a sudden to something such as homeopathy massage therapy, because your condition may be too serious to make such a sudden switch. It is really crucial that you take your health into consideration here and keep it as a priority, and ensure that you keep in regular contact with your doctor and go through them before starting any new method of treatment.


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Learn The Available Homeopathic Treatments To Radiation Exposure

One of the most popular fields in medicine right now that have been making waves is alternative medicine. And even though there have been many controversial issues surrounding it, you still see a lot of people who are supporting the field. And not only that, homeopathy is one of the many branches of alternative medicine that is very popular for treating different kinds of illnesses that a lot of people believe in, even if there are some strange methods that are involved.

And since cancer is one of the most common and fatal diseases nowadays, there were a lot of people who will opt for a homeopathic treatment after being exposed to radiation due to some required cancer treatments in order for the patient to survive and live healthily. But on the other hand, there are some homeopathic treatments to radiation exposure that you can take after experiencing and surviving cancer which are all easy to do especially with the help of a homeopathic professional.

Treatments For Survivors

One of the most popular methods when it comes to homeopathic treatments to radiation exposure that is being used by those people who have survived cancer is the Plumbum or the lead, which was known to help those who are overwhelmed and feel like they are in need of protection before and after the cancer treatment. Another way of a homeopathic treatment to mediate radiation exposure that you can ask your homeopath professional for is to have the Belladonna treatment that is known for preventing and relieving radiation burns and pains that can be used even long after an immediate exposure.

And for all those people who are interested in detoxifying themselves from the radiation treatment that you have after surviving the cancer, what is best is you have a homeopathic treatment that is known to be one of the most natural methods where you can relieve all those harmful effects. To know more about the types of homeopathic treatments to radiation exposure, you can go to one of the most popular websites that supports your quest for alternative medicine after surviving cancer, which is known as the National Center For Homeopathy.

To get to know about this one of a kind organization and the homeopathic treatments to radiation exposure that you may want to consider, you can visit them at their official website at Learn more of the alternative ways and get rewarded for the kind of results that you will get which is a healthier, more holistic life.


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